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ISSN: 1583-3712
FINANTE - Provocarile viitorului
Year XV, No. 17/2015
Hermes Replica
Mircea PERPELEA, Marin OPRITESCU, Sebastian PERPELEA Shades and Penumbra of Globalization
Alexandru NEGREA, Alexandra DĂNILĂ Prudential Indicators of Romanian Commercial Banks
Gheorghe MATEI, Nicolae TUDOSE Social Assistance Models in the European Union
Attila TAMAS-SZORA, Adela SOCOL Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility in Foreign Bank Branches from Romania: An Empirical Analysis of Public Disclosure of Financial Statements and Banking Audit Reports
Jenica POPESCU, Nela Loredana MEIŢĂ Study on the Credit Risk in Societies with Agricultural Profile
Alina MANTA, Roxana BĂDĪRCEA Empirical Study on the Relationship between Efficiency, Capital and Risk into the Banking System of Romania
Silviu CĀRSTINA, Marian SIMINICĂ Mathematical and Economic Modeling of the Results of Correlation Between Indicators of Profitability and Asset Management
Nicoleta Mihaela FLOREA, Stelian SELIŞTEANU, Radu BUZIERNESCU Approaching Performance Audit in Public Institutions
Alia Gabriela DUŢĂ Forms of Manifestation regarding Tax Evasion: New Approaches
Claudia MITITELU, Andrei-Nicolae MITITELU, Constantin DURAC Comparative Study of the Analytical Methods of the Reliability of Economic Operator used by the Main Commercial Banks
Popescu Anca SIMINA, Nicoleta Mihaela FLOREA Tendencies in the Financial Implementation of Structural and Cohesion Funds in the EU
Octavian PERPELEA, Tatiana PĂUN The Greek Crisis and the Generalization of Euro in European Union
Adrian Victor SĂNDIŢĂ Algorithmic Trading at Bucharest Stock Exchange
Iulia-Oana BELCIC-ŞTEFAN The Diversity of Financial Instruments Traded on the Stock Exchange
Oana-Valentina CERCELARU Econometric Models for the Analysis of Tax Revenues
Mirela SICHIGEA (GANEA) The Financial Performance of the Companies Approached from the Perspective of Commercial Banks
Alia Gabriela DUȚĂ Controversies regarding evolution of Tax Systems
Irina-Raluca BADEA Monetary Policy under the Border between Price Stability and Financial Stability
Andreea Maria CIOBANU Romania`s Eurozone Entry and the Fulfillment of the Institutional Criterion
Anca Simina POPESCU, Inocentiu Alexandru FLOREA Coordinates of the Absorption Capacity of Structural and Cohesion Funds at EU Level
Adrian-Florin BUDICĂ-IACOB, Bogdan-Andrei BUDICĂ Controversies over the Value Creation Process at the Level of Enterprises
Anca Antoaneta VĂRZARU Design and Implementation of a Management Control System
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