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FINANTE - Provocarile viitorului
Year XVI, No. 18/2016
Adela Socol Banking Audit - Towards a Higher Degree of Harmonization
Marin Oprițescu, Mircea Perpelea Europe after BREXIT: Shades and Penumbra
Irina – Raluca Badea, Gheorghe Matei The Z-Score Model for Predicting Periods of Financial Instability. Z-Score Estimation for the Banks Listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange
Jenica Popescu, Nela Loredana Meita, Bogdan Popa A Comparative Analysis of Bank Performance in Romania in the Period before the Global Financial Crisis and Post-Crisis
Roxana Bădīrcea, Alina Manta, Alia Duță The Analysis of the Real Convergence of the Countries from Central and Eastern Europe
Attila Tamas-Szora Views on the Credibility of Nonfinancial Information - New approaches
Narcis Eduard Mitu Elaboration of Public Budget – A Participatory Approach
Stelian Selișteanu, Radu Buziernescu , Cătălin Mihai Cherciu Procedural Issues regarding the Audit of the Management and Control of EU Funds, in Terms of Specific Key Requirements of the New Funding Period 2014-2020
Victor Mihaita Duta Banking Risk Management: An Increasingly Complex Process
Iulia-Oana Ştefan (Belcic-Ştefan) Study on the Stock Market Evolution of Companies Listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange
Nicoleta Mihaela Florea, Georgeta Madalina Meghisan, Cristina Nistor Multiple Linear Regression Equation for Economic Dimension of Standard of Living
Sebastian George Perpelea, Dumitru Beldiman Tax Evasion in Romania: New Approaches
Nicolae Tudose Social Assistance Expenditure Efficiency in Romania
Victor Mihaita Duta Banking governance: New Approaches
Gabriela Latea Management of Risks to Financial Stability from the Perspective of a Central Bank
Dumitru Beldiman, Sebastian George Perpelea European Funds: The Involvement of Banks, Where To?
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