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FINANTE - Provocarile viitorului
Year XVIII, No. 20/2018
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Summary Summary
Alina MANTA, Roxana BĂDĪRCEA, Ramona PĪRVU A Multivariate Analysis of Determinants of Banking Profitability in Romania
Attila TAMAȘ, Daniela PETRAȘCU, Monica Ioana TOADER Importance of Internal Audit Missions for Private Companies in Fraud Prevention and Detection
Gheorghe MATEI Irina Maria ALEXANDRU Financial Management of Public Institutions
Cristina VLAD, Birol IBADULA, Petre BREZEANU Tax Harmonization in Fiscal Competitiveness Context
Jenica POPESCU, Bogdan POPA Challenges of ROBOR growth
Otilia-Roxana OPREA, Ovidiu STOICA Measuring European Financial Integration. Indicators and Perspectives
Philip Z. MAYMIN The Conventional Past, Behavioral Present, and Algorithmic Future of Risk and Finance
Alia Gabriela DUŢĂ, Victor Mihăiță DUȚĂ Governance and Moral Risk: New Approaches
Rodica BACIU (BOANTA), Petre BREZEANU Sector Analysis - Maintenance and Repair of Motor Vehicles and Retail Trade of Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories
Dalian Marius DORAN, Nicoleta Mihaela FLOREA Comparative Analysis of the Evolution of Public Debt in the European Union
Dumitru BELDIMAN Banking and European Funds: Funding Mechanisms Accessible to the Romanian Industry?
Alia Gabriela DUŢA Methodology of Bank Relationship Research and Banking Risks. First Part
Sebastian George PERPELEA1, Mihai Octavian PERPELEA2 The „Carousel” Tax Fraud
Dumitru BELDIMAN, Jenica POPESCU The Implication of the Public Budget in Financing the Regional Development
Mihai Octavian PERPELEA1, Sebastian George PERPELEA2 The Consequences of Tax Evasion: New Approaches
Gabriela LATEA Central Bank’s Role in Ensuring Financial Stability and An Efficient Pass-Through of Monetary Policy Measures
Anca BUZIERNESCU Personal Income Tax in Romania: Where to?
Constantin DURAC Analysis of the Influence of the Annualized Rate of Rentability on the Unit Value of the Net Assets of the Private Administered Pension Fund NN
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