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FINANTE - Provocarile viitorului
YEAR XXI No. 23/2021
Cover Coperta_EN_2021
Summary Summary
Professor Emeritus PhD Constantin FOTA Study "Emerging Technologies in Oltenia - Present and Perspectives": Review
Vasile COCRIS From Conventional Currency to Cryptocurrency
Marin OPRITESCU Industry 4.0 in the South-West Oltenia Region: The Challenges of Emerging Technologies
Bogdan CAPRARU, Iulian IHNATOV, Ovidiu STOICA The Impact of Reforms on Commonwealth of Independent States’ Banking Profitability
Ionela BUTU, Petre BREZEANU The impact of corruption and poverty on VAT Gap in Central and Eastern Europe
Ramona-Ionela HARAGUS, Attila Szora TAMAS Fair Accounting “The Primordial Saving Lever” on the Dynamic Front of Tax Evasion
Dumitru BELDIMAN , Alia Gabriela DUTA Policies to attract European funds: New Challenges
Alia Gabriela DUTA, Victor DUTA Agent Troubleshooting Mechanisms: At the Confluence of Law and Economics
Tatiana PAUN (ZAMFIROIU), Corina SCARLAT Romania’s Journey of Integration into the European Monetary Union: a Quantitative Analysis
Alin IRIMIA, Attila TAMAS-SZORA, Iulian Bogdan DOBRA On Taxation of the Digital Economy. Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?
Andrei Ionut HUSMAN, Petre BREZEANU The Flat Taxation and Economic Development. A Panel Data Analysis of EU Countries
Cristina BALINT, Claudiu BORDEA Was the Foreign Exchange Market Affected by the Pandemic Crisis?
Adriana Elena PORUMBOIU, Petre BREZEANU Theoretical Considerations on the Fiscal Space
Mihai Dan MURESAN, Attila Szora TAMAS What Does Economic Substance Mean from an Economic Point of View?
Gabriela BADAREU Quantitative Measurement of Financial Development in Central and Eastern Europe
Catalin LAPADAT National Rural Development Program - source of funding for priority objectives for rural economy development
Alina Ioana CALINOVICI Is there any effect of economic growth and human development on fiscal policy implementation?
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