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FINANCE - Challenges fo the Future
YEAR XXII No. 24/2022
Table of Content:
Cover Coperta_EN_2022
Summary Cuprins
Introductory Note Introducere
Professor Emmeritus Constantin FOTA rolex replica Presentation of Interdisciplinary Study Volume Competitiveness of Oltenia - Past, Present and Perspectives
Ramona-Ionela HARAGUS, Raluca Oana IVAN, Ioana - Bianca PATRINJAN (CAMPEAN), Attila Szora TAMAS A Bibliometric Analysis of the Relationship between Accounting, Taxation and Audit
Marin OPRITESCU, Alia Gabriela DUTA Systems of Regional Development Financing: From Classic Mechanisms to Modern Resource Mobilization Channels
Roxana Elena CRISTEA, Petre BREZEANU Behavioral Significance in the Credit Decision Making Process
Bogdan POPA, Jenica POPESCU, Corina Florentina SCARLAT (MIHAI) Financial and Bankruptcy Risk of Economic Entities. Analysis Models
Gabriela BADAREU, Roxana BADIRCEA, Alina Georgiana MANTA, Nicoleta DORAN How Important Is the Relationship between Financial Development and Economic Growth? Bibliometric Analysis
Ioana Raluca DIACONU Bitcoin: Medium of Exchange or Speculative Asset?
Attila Szora TAMAS, Alexandra Delia BUGNARIU, Dan Ioan TOPOR, Dan Mihai MURESAN The Impact of Determinant Factors on Production Cost Variation An Empirical Study
Bogdan POPA richard mille replica watches Measuring the Risk of Bankruptcy in the Romanian Economy. Developments and Perspectives
Dumitru BELDIMAN, Alia Gabriela DUTA , Florentina SCARLAT (MIHAI) European Structural and Investment Funds vs European Funds Allocated through the National Recovery and Resilience Program
Attila Szora TAMAS, Alexandra Delia BUGNARIU, Alin IRIMIA, Ion COZMA Internal Control - Theoretical and Organizational Perspectives in Business Group
Roxana Elena CRISTEA, Petre BREZEANU The Study of Behavioral Significance in the Process of Lending Decision
Andra Gabriela DICA A Bibliometric Analysis of the Sustainable Fiscal System
Attila Szora TAMAS, Ramona-Ionela HARAGUS, Dan Mihai MURESAN, Marian IRIMIA The Challenges of Prosumers
Ioana-Cristina POPA, Gheorghe LUCA Digitization of Banking Services Before and After the Pandemic
Silviu CARSTINA, Radu BUZIERNESCU, Stelian SELISTEANU, Patricia Cristiana BORUZESCU Analysis of the correlation between commercial insurance and EU economic growth
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